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Kris Anderson September 23, 2014 Announcements

The first thing you're likely to notice is how different your new site looks. The new version is tablet and smartphone compatible and the new look was necessary to scale the screen display to the smaller screens.

The new look may be a little disorienting at first, but the good news is that most of the data entry functions are unchanged.  Instead of clicking on text links, you'll click on buttons and icons.  Some fields and labels have been renamed and some controls have been moved to new locations, but the fields themselves and the way records are created and managed are virtually unchanged.

The great news is that we have added some exciting new features and improved some old ones.   Since most of the changes came from our customers' collective Wish List - we think you're going to be as excited about them as we are.  In fact, we're so excited to show them off - we created this mini-tour to make sure you don't miss any:

New and Improved Features for 2014    (Smartphone friendly version)

Kris Anderson September 23, 2014 Announcements

We’ve added a setting so you can choose to organize your web catalog by item name, number, category or by designating your items to display in your own custom order.

Note: this enhanced feature replaces the flag for highlighting items at the top of your public catalog. If you currently have items highlighted, you will need to edit them to restore their highlighted position.   Complete details here.

Roger Devine September 8, 2011 Tips & Tricks

Hi all,

I've started a YouTube channel where I'm going to be posting short video tips, tutorials, and more. 

Click here to go to our YouTube channel!

And please post requests for new topics here!


Kris Anderson September 23, 2014 Announcements

There are three access points to Help on your event site (and you can see them here):

1.  Line Item help is available by clicking on the help.png icons on the Site Settings pages.

2.  Page specific help is available by clicking on the Help icon in the upper right corner of each page.

3.  Topical help is available by clicking on any Task displayed in the Dashboard Help Maps

And of course, if these don't provide the answer to your particular question, the Help icon on each page also provides a link to contact our support team.