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Tofino Support June 06, 2013 Announcements

On June 17th, we will be updating all existing SchoolAuction.net and Tofino Auctions event sites to a new code for Selling Tickets and Checking in Guests.

All sites created after June 16th will get the new features.  For those of you with with imminent events, you’ll notice changes in the appearance of the ticket related pages on your site, but the functionality will not change.  Take a peek at the list of new features below - we can upgrade your site early if you’d like to utilize them starting right now.  

If you are still in the planning stages, it’s not too early to think about how you can incorporate the enhanced features into your next event:

New Ticket Sales Features:

  • All labels (eg seats etc) are editable or can be omitted if desired.

  • All fields can be renamed and designated as optional/required or invisible.

  • Each Ticket Type has an optional Descriptive field.

  • Choice of formats for online registration forms.

  • New html tool editor boxes for instructions for individual pages.

  • Browsing buyers can buy items without buying a ticket.

  • More choices of placement for Items available for sale during ticket purchase

  • External payment type now available for internal ticket sales.

  • Ability to designate specific email address(es) to receive ticket sales notifications.

New Check-in Features for Guests and Chairs

  • Ticket buyers have the ability to access their account online to view/edit/pay for their purchases after the original transaction.

  • Credit Cards can be vaulted at the time of ticket purchase.

  • Guests can be invited to check themselves in and vault a credit card online prior to event.

Coming Soon

  • Ability of Guests to Check What They Won and Check Themselves Out

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Roger Devine September 08, 2011 Tips & Tricks

Hi all,

I've started a YouTube channel where I'm going to be posting short video tips, tutorials, and more. 

Click here to go to our YouTube channel!

And please post requests for new topics here!


Tofino Support January 05, 2010 Announcements

What's here?  (You can still track your questions and our responses.)

- Auction Software Trial Guide for those looking around and kicking the tires.

- The form for submitting questions will allow us to quickly pinpoint who is asking the question and respond more accurately.

- Our how-to pages - Auction Help and Documentation - are connected so you can help yourself.

- A place to suggest future features or changes.

To see rates and order swipers, click here.